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POA Production Organisation Approval


Production Organisation Approval


This module saves general information like law texts, handbooks and questionnaires. Furthermore this sub-module manages the application specific information for the different certification processes and approvals. Also it supports the planning of audits with thematic topics, participants, checklists, documentation of findings, due dates for complete or partial audits. Besides planning of resources for audits the system generates all relevant reports and forms automatically.


Highlights are i.E.:

  • Management of legal regulations
  • Management of the history of operation manuals
  • Management of all ratings
  • Optional data exchange to type certification module (EMPIC® TC)
  • Management of different approvals and certificates
  • Hierarchical tree with organisation units and attached approvals and audits
  • Masking of non-relevant organisation units
  • Integrated document management for in- and outbound documents
  • Export of audit checklists to MS-Excel and Import back into system after completion
  • Management of projects
  • Assignment of responsibilities for organisations, audits, projects and certification processes
  • Automatic transfer of planned appointments via a sync-mechanism to MS Outlook calendar of the particular user
  • Overview of planned resources/audit appointments


The end-user can configure the content to his liking. The module supports for example EASA Part-21 and/or JAA JAR-21

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