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Chief Operating Officer (CEO) and Managing Director of EMPIC GmbH is


Jörg K. Kottenbrink


Mr. Kottenbrink holds a twin degree as engineer and economist

(technical university of Darmstadt, Germany)

His positions before he founded EMPIC GmbH in 2001 and holds the positon of the CEO:

  • IT consultant in German machine and plant building industry
  • Consultant, sales manager, division manager and managing director in a software company
  • Division manager for an international consultancy company



The team

We collected a team of highly motivated people dedicated to serve our customers.

Our employees have the following qualifications:

  • Project Manager
    Several years of experience in complex IT porjects
    Experience in the aviation environment
    Experience in the object oriented analysis and object oriented design (UML)
    Experience in projects with J2EE architecture
  • Analyst
    Experience in the aviation environment
  • Software Architect
    Experience in object oriented analysis and object oriented design (UML)
    Experience in projects with J2EE architecture
    Knowledge and Experience in SOA and EAI
  • Developers
    Development of J2EE server and/or JAVA front-end applications in business relevant fields; experienced in realising n-tier software applications
    Expertise in the environment of:
    - data bases
    - application server
    - operating system
    - development environment
    - test concepts and test tools
  • Database Administrator and Developer
    Oracle development tools
    DB design and programming
    Data migration
  • Trainer
  • Hotline
    English speaking personnel
    Support via phone, e-mail and ChangeControl
  • Quality Manager
    ISO 9001 compliant development process
    Responsibility for test and documentation
    Internal revíews
  • Test Manager
    Functional testing
    Automated tests for GUI with Robots
    Stress and load tests for servers
  • Build and Deployment Manager
    Dedicated role for maintaining build environment
    Automated cyclic buildings in background
    Assembling, packaging and deployment of new releases, following a strict procedure
  • System Administrator
    Installation and configuration of:
    - UNIX / LINUX
    - Application servers: BEA, JBoss
    - Clustered environments
    - Databases


In total more than 50 employees work for EMPIC GmbH.

Update: September 2018

Jörg K. Kottenbrink
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